Our products all over the world

Our products are based on state-of-the-art solutions and innovative technologies. Our product portfolio includes:

  • Multilac® – MURE® Technology
  • Multilac® Baby - Micro MURE® Technology
  • iXell® Oled - Oled Technology
  • iXell® Audio - Audio Technology with
    a speaking function
  • Prel® Red and Prel® Blue – Hydronique®

Multilac® is a state-of-the-art synbiotic, manufactured in the highest quality standards. Multilac® has been well-received by customers in several countries across Europe and Asia.

We offer blood glucose monitoring systems to patients with diabetes mellitus. We were the first company in the Polish market to introduce a talking glucose meter for blind and visually impaired patients, iXell® Audio.

Genexo has also seen a rapid growth in other markets outside Poland. Our products are sold by pharmaceutical companies in a number of countries, including Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Serbia. We offer our business Partners long-term cooperation based on distribution or private label agreements, including marketing and training support.

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